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The Height of Luxury in Mineral Water

The Height of Luxury in Mineral Water

Water designed to meet the levels of gourmet cuisine

Enjoy the refreshing and balanced taste of our water from the pristine depths of the Swiss mountains. From nature to your table. The precious and perfectly balanced minerals make Aqua Premium arguably the best water available, and support your daily wellbeing.

Premium Mineral Water SelectionAqua Premium is a pure, natural mineral water from the artesian source St. Erhard in the heart of the Swiss Alps.
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Premium Mineral  Water Selection
Premium Face & Body SprayNature for your wellbeing
Easily and naturally keep your moisture balance, preventing dry skin.

Premium Face & Body Spray
Premium Single-use glass - nature thanks!Aqua Premium is a water which is bottled exclusively in one location, namely at the source in the heart of Switzerland.

Premium Single-use glass - nature thanks!
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